Management Philosophy

With “cross border-investment” as our main concept, we have made various types of investments. We continue to contribute to “the happiness of all stakeholders.”
We are aiming to cross all borders and discover unique investment opportunities through our extensive network in the industrial world and investment industry by mainly investing in growing fields and growth potential spreading around the world based on advantages that are exclusive to Japan.


Business Concept

    Existence of growth opportunities

Our investment approach is started by forming a hypothesis of simple but specific growth based on macro trends.
While it is said that Japan is a mature society and its additional growth capacity is limited, by utilizing the abundant business resources existing in Japan, there is definitely room for the creation of new growth based on a cross-border approach and a new eco system based on concepts that break through preconceived ideas under circumstances where macro trends are changing.

There will be excessive competition if the barrier to entry is low, but if the barrier is contrarily high, there is a huge business opportunity on the other side that can only be acquired by those who are able to break through the barrier.

    Breakthrough of barriers

We hope to locate such barriers and opportunities before others.
If there is no service provider of a certain service when there should be demands in terms of macro trends, there is always a reason. The reason may be the issue of restrictions, pressure from existing competitors or simply lack of creativity. Otherwise, the reason may be that the leader has a reclusive tendency or there is no reliable partner on the outside.

But if such psychological and topographical barriers can be overcome by teaming up with the right people and adopting a proper approach, we consider this to be a great potential and will offer support for cross-border growth as a financial partner.

   New combination of existing factors

The development of new products, services or technologies often involve costs and risks, but unfortunately there are cases where the result is merely an extension of an old idea. Meanwhile, not only is the creation of new ideas by combining proven factors highly feasible at low costs, the outcome may also shock the world. We value conceptual breakthroughs by creative entrepreneurs, and will offer support so that they can continue to lead the new business sector. 

  Japanese know-how

In addition to investing in China, we are now also investing in other parts of Asia, and it goes without saying that to find a reliable local partner is extremely important to succeed in both business and investment. However, our investment approach in foreign countries is not to co-invest in the growth of businesses that will hold up only with local resources or by using a part of Japanese technology. Our aim is to leverage our close relationship with Japanese industry leaders, and thereby support business investment, as an active financial partner, which can grow overseas based on the know-how cultivated in the Japanese market, which is one of the most competitive markets in the world, and reinforce the relationship with local partners.

We believe that there are still many more fields to be cultivated

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